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I'm Tim Walsh a computer scientist, full-stack web developer, and technical founder. I am passionate about technology and how it can be masterfully applied to solve meaningful problems.

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While studying computer science, I found myself drawn to how it was applied to research problems and new innovations. After graduating in 2011, I shifted my studies toward mobile and web development. For the past decade, I have been fortunate to work with startups, entrepreneurs, and researchers to turn their ideas into a reality.

What I Do


Strong theoretical and applied background, majoring in CS (B.Eng) at the University of Delaware. Diversified my studies with psychology and cognitive science. Played a vital role in various research projects and early-stage startups. I love to learn and welcome new challenges.


Early research focus on application of specialized user-interfaces in human computer interaction and natural language processing. Proponent of logical design, consistent interfaces, mobile-first, and user-centric product development.


Full-stack web developer and systems engineer with over eight years of experience with Ruby on Rails and modern web applications. Extensive experience from MVP design to enterprise system architecture.


Very active programmer striving for daily commits and constant self improvement. I love to code and am constantly exploring new languages, techniques, tools, and frameworks. Currently seeking open-source opportunities.


Technical founder for the past 8 years serving as Co-Founder/CTO for multiple startups. Have led many technical projects and managed teams of engineers. Experienced freelancer and business owner.


I have been a gamer since I was very young; playing Atari and Sega Genesis from an early age. By high school, I had graduated to computer games, MMOs, and guild management. While I don't find myself playing as many games today, I am still fascinated with the mechanics of gamification, MMORPGs, and motivation.


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